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Audio System Redesign for MacHotels Alcudia

Club Mac is a 3-star family resort located in Port d'Alc├╣dia, on the north coast of Mallorca. with a total of eight pools to choose from, sposrts facilities, day and night entertainment for all ages and a water park, Club Mac is a paradise for all-inclusive families.

The hotel offers daily outdoor evening shos on its Circus main stage. This requires, in addition to audio quality and reliability, an acoustic deisgn capable of minimizing the emission of audio outside the hotel grounds. For this purpose, the hotel requested a redesign of the acoustic space, which has finally been completed with products from Proel, Axiom and Rane.

On the stage there are four hangs of Axiom AX12C column arrays, hung two per side from the truss. Constructed of extruded aluminum, the column has been deisgned to incorporate transismission line back loading, achieving a very clean mid-bass reproduction and natural cardiod behavior. This feature, togeteher with its wide horizontal dispersion, ensures a frequency response and a consistent image across a wide frontal area, while reducing the unwanted bass energy behind the speakers. An Axiom QC2,4 DSP amplifier processes and amplifies the signal to the AX12C columns.

To cover the entire central runway and the stands, with the intention of reducing off-site audio output, a zenith distributed system consisting of 26 Proel DS112P directional loudspeakers was deployed. These tow-way speaker system with higly controlled directivity are engineered to provide sound reinforcement in a limited area, minimising the emission of noise or disturbance in the surrounding areas. The DS112P consists of 12 3.5-inch loudspeakers arranged in a circular configuration, and a 1-inch compression driver, giving angular coverage of less than 78 degrees. In addition, its IP55 protection rating makes it ideal for outdoor installations.

The result is clear and controlled sound in an outdoor space that must perform daily at the highest levels during the intensive six month tourism season on the island of Mallorca.